UGC: Push logs

The push logs feature allows the backend responsible for sending out push notifications to log all the notifications it sends out.
These logs can be seen on the NStack website and can be easily sorted.

These logs can be very useful if anything goes wrong in terms of push notifications, this is traditionally very hard to debug and figure out what went wrong, with these logs we should have a better idea on what was send and if it succeeded or not and can save many hours debugging.

The logs include:

  • Push provider (e.g.: Firebase, urban-airship)
  • Key: App key in fcm/ urban-airship
  • Message: included in the push notification
  • Succeeded: if the push was sent or not
  • Type (e.g: standard, friend-request, taxi-arrived)
  • UserID: The user ID used by the project
  • Relation: Similar to type but more general (e.g.: Booking, Company, ...)