UGC: Feedback

The feedback feature is intended for collecting user feedback in one place where it can be easily accessible. This can be used to include a "Send us feedback" section in the settings screen of the project. Using the feedback feature the user can send feedback with the following properties:

  • Operating system (13.1, 4.4, etc)
  • Platform (ios, android, web, other)
  • App version (1.00, 4.1, 0.81staging)
  • Device (iPhone 10, Samsung S7)
  • Feedback type
  • User's name
  • User's email
  • Message
  • An image
  • Meta
  • Breadcrumbs

When you have collected some feedback from users you have the following feature

You can find examples on how to implement Feedback for the following platforms:

Currently only NStack Android SDK provides the Feedback feature.

To use it on other platforms, make a POST request to

For details about the POST request, the required headers and request parameters, read more here