Note: The following datasets are global, meaning changing it in 1 project will change it for all projects.

Encourage the developers to use these datasets in the appropriate use cases. These datasets discourage hardcoding this data in the app or using a 3rd party datasets/libraries. It also gives us more flexibility to update the data without a new app release, if something should change.


The continents dataset includes the 7 continents. Each continent has the following properties available:

  • Name
  • Code
  • Image

Use cases:

  • Show list of continents for the user to pick from.
  • Use images as markers on a map.
  • ...


The countries dataset includes around 250 countries. Each country has the following properties available:

  • Country code
  • ISO code
  • 2 images
  • English Name
  • Native name
  • Continent
  • Capital
  • Capital timezone
  • Coordinates for the capital
  • Phone number prefix
  • Currency
  • Languages

Use cases:

  • Show list of countries for the user to pick from
  • See what currency is used in a certain country
  • Check what timezone a certain county uses
  • Get the coordinates from a certain country's capital
  • ...

Time zones

The timezones dataset includes over 500 timezones. Each timezone has the following properties available:

  • Name
  • Abbreviation
  • Offset from UTC in seconds
  • A standardised text used in the UTC notation (e.g.: UTC+5)

Use cases:

  • Show a list of timezones for the user to pick from.
  • Check the offset from UTC for a certain timezone
  • ...


  • As there are so many timezones using this as a reference might a bit overkill.
  • Many languages/platform have a build in way of handling/referencing timezones, discuss with the developer what is needed/possible.


The languages dataset includes over 50 languages. Each language has the following properties available:

  • Name
  • Locale ( [language abbreviation] - [area] e.g.: en-Gb, en-US. Both english but different areas )
  • Reading direction

Use cases:

  • Show a list of languages
  • ...

IP addresses

The enormous IP dataset includes over 10 million IPs. Each IP range has the following properties available:

  • Start of range
  • End of range
  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • Location coordinates
  • Timezone
  • ISP
  • Type

Use cases:

  • Use as a fallback when the user denied the location permissions Using this dataset as a reference we can see in what area the user is without relying on the device. This is useful in cases where the location of the user doesn't need to be accurate, where just a city is accurate enough.
    Warning: This is not 100% accurate. When traveling outside their country, the user can be assigned an IP address belonging to his home country, not one from the country he is in roaming.

You can find examples on how to implement Geographic for the following platforms: