Using the Messages feature, it can be a great tool for informing your user about technical difficulties, new sales or actions, etc. This message is shown to the user on app launch. You can configure how often the user will see the message, currently 2 options are available:

  • "Show always" - Shows the message on every app launch

  • "Show once" - Shows the message once on app launch and will not be shown again after the user presses "OK".

Optionally you can define a URL which will add a dedicated button to the message dialog.

You can find examples on how to implement Messages for the following platforms:

iOS message

Android message

Set up

Messages can be access from the Notify section, of the NStack web console. In the beginning, it gives an overview of current messages based on the desired platform.


To create a Message, the Create button is located in the upper right corner of the page. When creating a message, you can specify the platform and how often to show message, together with the content of the message.